John Esposito bracelet winner of WSOP

John Esposito was born in America. John Esposito is professional player of poker. John Esposito won only one bracelet in WSOP tournaments and he got 25 cash prizes in various WSOP poker tournaments. He finished 5 times in final table of WSOP tournaments. Currently he is ranked as 303rd place in All Time Money List. He is not so much popular poker player. In 2014 his total live tournament earning becomes more than $2,740,580. John Esposito reached to 2nd place in LA Poker Classic Lowball event of 1992 and earned cash prize of $20,240.

He won $5,000 LA poker Championship event of 1993 and he earned cash prize of $101,500 in that event. John Esposito won $500 Omaha event of 1993 and got cash prize of $33,800. He earned 4th place in $5,000 Hold’em event of 1993 and won cash prize of $47,025. He reached to 2nd place in summer $300 Hold’em event of 1994 and earned cash prize of $9,900 in that event. John Esposito earned 12th place in WSOP $10,000 Hold’em event of 1995 and won cash prize of $27,680. He reached to 2nd place $1,000 Hold’em event of 1995 and he earned cash prize of $29,210 in that event.

John Esposito got 19th place in WSOP $10,000 Hold’em event of 1996 and earned cash prize of $19,500. He won Four Queens Hold’em event of 1996 and he earned cash prize of $33,275 in that event. John Esposito won WSOP $2,500 Hold’em event of 1999 and earned cash prize of $219,225. He finished in 26th place of WSOP $10,000 Hold’em event and won cash prize of $39,960. John Esposito won LA poker classic Hold’em event of 2002 and earned cash prize of $60,040. He won poker classic $1,500 Hold’em event of 2003 and earned cash prize of $58,200. John Esposito won Five Diamond poker tournament of 2004 and he earned cash prize of $235,711 in that event.

Jerry Yang, a player as well social worker

Jerry Yang a player from California. He started playing professional game of poker from year 2006. His contribution to the game of poker is amazing. Jerry Yang is the player who has two championships. In the year 200 5 and 2007, he has played a game that made him renowned in the game of poker. Before starting his international game, he has many titles before starting his career in the international. Jerry Yang has played many championship cashes in California. He has won seven titles out of eight games in his game at California game level. When he had asked about his game tricks.

He said that he sensed the opponent; and accordingly takes next steps. He is a physiotherapist as well as a social worker. His contribution is worth appreciated by all the people of his country, and they even feel proud of their player luck also plays very vital you are playing the poker game. He has two titles of international WHOP on his name. He has played many games which are online poker, or online card games. Jerry Yang has blamed because of their fellow legacy. He has blamed after winning the poker game. It also caused stir and problems in the poker game.

He’s also famous for his special work and charity for poker player who like to play the poker game. Most of good will, work that was done by Jerry Yang is when he won ten cashes of poker game. He was the first player who gave money to charity for the social and financial welfare of his country. These make the difference between other poker players and Jerry Yang. Many fans of his loved his experience and his views. He is the player who played for his men and country in a poker game.

Annette Obrestad Name Reverberates in the Casinos

In the world of gambling, women have not been vibrant, thus, the few who get a fighting chance to win are trendsetters. The list of top women poker players includes Annette Obrestad whose record is impeccable like her male counterparts. She has participated in world poker tournaments and walked away with highly coveted accolades and whopping sums of cash. Her moves are only described as tactical and strategic. She is hails from Norway and was the youngest woman to win a bracelet at the World Series of Poker. In this vein, a glimpse at some of her commendable wins will shed light on why her legacy in the casinos is epoch-making.

Her rise to glory was as a result of winning the WSOPE 2007 bracelet. Nevertheless, before this triumph, she was vibrant online where she has won $500,000 at the PokerStars.Net, $200,000 at and $136,000 on the FullTiltPoker.Net. which tracks online casinos ranked her #51 as of 2008, before she was #1. She won the WSOPE and walked away with $2 million first prize, becoming the first woman to win a single tournament payout. In 2009, she was eligible to participate in the WSOP, since then she has made more than $3.9 million on live events.  Although her absence at the global poker games is lengthy since her win in 2007, her performance is indelible in the poker regime.

Obrestad was second in the major live event, she took $431,184 at the 2007 EPT Season 4 PokerStars.Net in Dublin, and she was the chip leader throughout to the final table. Her performance is formidable and fabulous. However, if she returns to the live tournaments one can admit she will emerge triumphant. Suffice to say, her online poker game scores evidently indicate she has great potential to make final tables and eventually win. But this is up to her when she throws her hat in the tournaments in future.

Freddy Deeb- A Brief History

Freddy Deeb-Multi coloured shirt wearer playing Poker
Playing the game very much professionally is what anyone wishes to engage in so, however the game turns out to be. Also, there are many notable games present in the world, where one such professional game being played is Poker. Poker is played by many players yet only professionals can make it out correctly. Lots of techniques are involved playing this game, which Kassem Ibrahim Freddy Deeb has much proved by winning 2 bracelets in the main event WSOP. Being a very professional player from Lebanon, Freddy was born on November 27th 1955.

Magic Shirt:
By the year 1975, Freddy was attending Utah State University while civil broke out at Lebanon. He lost his contacts from his parents, due to such scenario. Hence, he was unable to continue his studies also he was much unable to get an employment too due to the restrictions posed on his student visa. Thus he started gambling, it was much worrying, where he left his college studies when he was just 12 credits away from graduating. Being nicknamed as Freddy and as Fast Freddy, he successfully won his two bracelets by winning the game which was held in 1996 and in 2007.

Freddy turned finishing in the money of World Series of Poker main event twice, also he has placed 17th in the series of 1995 WSOP and 13th in the series of 2003 WSOP. It was the fourth season, where Freddy has won the World Poker Tour Ultimate Poker Classic Event. It was much known that Freddy appears in multi coloured shirts. This was commonly known when he happened to play in 2003 WSOP. He has turned in making 28 cashes at the WSOP. It was the year 2007, Freddy won the $50, 000 H.O.R.S.E. event at the 2007 World Series of Poker. Also, he remarked that his first bracelet was when he was not aware of the game, but the bracelet won in 2007 meant to him a lot, as it did hold toughest players.