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Freddy Deeb- A Brief History

Monday, May 19th, 2014

Freddy Deeb-Multi coloured shirt wearer playing Poker
Playing the game very much professionally is what anyone wishes to engage in so, however the game turns out to be. Also, there are many notable games present in the world, where one such professional game being played is Poker. Poker is played by many players yet only professionals can make it out correctly. Lots of techniques are involved playing this game, which Kassem Ibrahim Freddy Deeb has much proved by winning 2 bracelets in the main event WSOP. Being a very professional player from Lebanon, Freddy was born on November 27th 1955.

Magic Shirt:
By the year 1975, Freddy was attending Utah State University while civil broke out at Lebanon. He lost his contacts from his parents, due to such scenario. Hence, he was unable to continue his studies also he was much unable to get an employment too due to the restrictions posed on his student visa. Thus he started gambling, it was much worrying, where he left his college studies when he was just 12 credits away from graduating. Being nicknamed as Freddy and as Fast Freddy, he successfully won his two bracelets by winning the game which was held in 1996 and in 2007.

Freddy turned finishing in the money of World Series of Poker main event twice, also he has placed 17th in the series of 1995 WSOP and 13th in the series of 2003 WSOP. It was the fourth season, where Freddy has won the World Poker Tour Ultimate Poker Classic Event. It was much known that Freddy appears in multi coloured shirts. This was commonly known when he happened to play in 2003 WSOP. He has turned in making 28 cashes at the WSOP. It was the year 2007, Freddy won the $50, 000 H.O.R.S.E. event at the 2007 World Series of Poker. Also, he remarked that his first bracelet was when he was not aware of the game, but the bracelet won in 2007 meant to him a lot, as it did hold toughest players.

Chiu Wins Full Poker Tilt

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

David Chiu has won an incredible feat this summer when Full Poker Tilt announced his name as the winner. He was taken aback when his name was announced. Later in his personal site he said, “I have always wanted to win this feat. And after winning it feels great and this is a life time achievement indeed. Last year I have narrowly missed the final and but this time I was determined and I am happy that I got the result.”

According to him, the poker industry is expanding day by day and the game becoming increasingly popular in recent times. Plenty of gamblers are signing up and taking part various kinds of games, helped by Chiu’s poker tips for beginners.

And the number is increasing day by day. Therefore, the game has a nice prospect. People nowadays do not fear to take risks and to achieve something one has to take the minimum risk. The most important thing is that one has to be abreast of the new set of rules and patterns of the games. Since 2006 the game has changed a lot, therefore, those who are willing to take part in the game need to learn the present rules and regulations. One has to keep in mind that online poker is game of chance therefore, every time you have to bank on your luck.

The passionate gambler is much confident right now and willing to take part in many other tournaments. When asked about his next goal, he just beamed and said, “This is just the beginning. I am yet to learn a lot. The funniest thing about this game is that you have to learn every day. And I am a quick learner of the game.”  He looked confident. “The more you play, the more you fall in love with the game. And I am still enjoying the game.”

Perry Green

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

Perry Green, a renowned Jewish American proficient poker player, was a previous hide broker from Alaska, United States. Nicknamed “Alaska’s Poker Guru,” this poker champion has won three wristbands at the World Series of Poker (Wsop) and entered the last tables of the WSOP Main Event twice. (more…)

World Series of poker got $1.8 billion

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

The WSOP is the lushest land based tournament which has been awarded about $1.8 billion over the last 43 years in US and the Europe.  Today the Caesars Interactive Entertainment’s Site which is the WSOP.Com joined the online poker, which has added more punch to the online gaming dollars. According to the executives of the Caesars, becoming second is no big deal in the race.

The VP of Online poker, Mr. Geoffrey Stewart said here that with Caesars in connection, loads of things like tournaments, experiences in different parts of the country, exclusive hotel rooms and so on could be offered. The gaming Chairman, Mr. Tom Breitling said here that since April 30there have been more than fifteen million hands that have joined for the online poker games and itself is a sign of the every growing demand of the game and looks forward for more development of the game.

Growth of this new industry has made these online opponents join hands and take it to the next level for more effective growth. According to Stewart, being in here for a short span of time is not the goal, but to effectively stay on for a long time which would go from 15-20 years from now on. The objective of the league is to succeed and bring in more people to play online poker games and succeed in the game. Stewart also said that they would love to gain the Super Bowl.

Poker has gained credibility over the years and with more and more online gaming options, the game has gained a great stand in international gaming markets and makes a huge sum of money from the gamers across the globe. Big players like the Caesars have also joined the league that has been legalized by the Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval.

Why Freddy Deeb is One of the Coolest

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

From losing his family in a war-torn nation, and indulging in low stakes online poker sessions to emerging as a winner of one of the toughest poker series in the world, Freddy Deeb has certainly gone through several different phases of life. Some controversies have also been hovering over Deeb’s head, some of which have proven to be untrue, while others have landed Deeb into great trouble. (more…)

Gus Hansen may be the limelight in WSOP 2013

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Gustav born  on February 13, 1974 in Denmark  have nicknamed as The Great Dane in poker game arena because of his skills he showed the world. It is only because of his determination and hard work, he was able to won three World Poker Tour open titles in his career. With this he became the first player to win 3 World Poker Tour (WPT) open tournaments in the decade.

He started his career in the Ocean View Card Room in California, when he was an exchange student at UC Santa Cruz. Gustav completed in the money in 150th place in the 2004 Main Event. In the year 2004, he was welcomed into the World Poker Tour Walk of Fame and earned money. He was also there with the Danish team in the Football & Poker Legends Cup tournament in 2006. In September 2006 Gustav won the opening EPM event, London All Star Challenge, ultimately beating Marc Goodwin.

In 2007, he won Aussie Millions main event and also become the season one winner of the Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament. He also cashed in the money in the $10,000 no limit Texas hold’em championship, coming in 61st place out of a field of 6,358 players in the same year.

Coming to the world of WSOP 2013, regardless of his positive month up to now, Gustav is still the runaway loser on Full Tilt Poker at all-times, having watched an amount of $8,654,476 getting shipped to the competing poker players. Auspiciously for “The Great Dane,” the first day in the week, the Monday was an important upswing. It is on this day, he won an amount of $811,618 on his home site of Full Tilt Poker. Monday’s run in his career began with a $374,000 thrashing of Alex “Alexonmoon” Luneau. He is going to continue his form for rest of matches.