Freddy Deeb- A Brief History

Freddy Deeb-Multi coloured shirt wearer playing Poker
Playing the game very much professionally is what anyone wishes to engage in so, however the game turns out to be. Also, there are many notable games present in the world, where one such professional game being played is Poker. Poker is played by many players yet only professionals can make it out correctly. Lots of techniques are involved playing this game, which Kassem Ibrahim Freddy Deeb has much proved by winning 2 bracelets in the main event WSOP. Being a very professional player from Lebanon, Freddy was born on November 27th 1955.

Magic Shirt:
By the year 1975, Freddy was attending Utah State University while civil broke out at Lebanon. He lost his contacts from his parents, due to such scenario. Hence, he was unable to continue his studies also he was much unable to get an employment too due to the restrictions posed on his student visa. Thus he started gambling, it was much worrying, where he left his college studies when he was just 12 credits away from graduating. Being nicknamed as Freddy and as Fast Freddy, he successfully won his two bracelets by winning the game which was held in 1996 and in 2007.

Freddy turned finishing in the money of World Series of Poker main event twice, also he has placed 17th in the series of 1995 WSOP and 13th in the series of 2003 WSOP. It was the fourth season, where Freddy has won the World Poker Tour Ultimate Poker Classic Event. It was much known that Freddy appears in multi coloured shirts. This was commonly known when he happened to play in 2003 WSOP. He has turned in making 28 cashes at the WSOP. It was the year 2007, Freddy won the $50, 000 H.O.R.S.E. event at the 2007 World Series of Poker. Also, he remarked that his first bracelet was when he was not aware of the game, but the bracelet won in 2007 meant to him a lot, as it did hold toughest players.