Freddy Deeb Swearing at the Poker table -WSOP 2009 HORSE

Freddy Deeb Video clip Rating: four / five

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24 Responses to “Freddy Deeb Swearing at the Poker table -WSOP 2009 HORSE”

  1. Ernster86 says:

    Freddy must of lost a Razz Pot LOL

  2. PlayaplayaAP says:

    Tony G is the man he knows how to put players on tilt

  3. Izaak247 says:


  4. Izaak247 says:

    I used to hate dressy but now he’s the man!

  5. butters226 says:

    so fucking awesome. tony g is a fatass bitch

  6. j3212822 says:

    Freddy is the man. I love it More people need to respond to Tony G like this.

  7. skearo75013 says:

    – You understand ? I WILL FUCKING SPIT ON YOU

    *floorman bending over*

    – What ?

  8. MrCokeDose says:

    @gazz12345a ur a dumbass

  9. FormerlyKnownAsShun says:

    LOL freddy is so friggin funny when he is pissed.

  10. MegaSunshine76 says:

    Freddy is a gentleman
    TonyG is a fat slob who wants to be famous by getting involved with already famous/talked about poker pros
    fk TonyG he has no class

  11. thedreamdealer says:

    He’s already wearing the prison shirt!

  12. SalvatoreMaranzano says:

    if u fuck with me,im gonna fuck with u …. said 145cm old bald guy!! gotta love it 😀

  13. rubslotionskin says:

    0:27 what?

  14. Hill568 says:

    What happened?

  15. neighborhoodgasman says:


  16. adairmorgan says:

    lol@ that dudes head being massaged

  17. hk4777 says:

    love it freddy is the man fuck tony g

  18. Kil6969 says:

    what is he 15

  19. xentech says:


  20. dutem says:

    gazz12345a, that’s not true. On High Stakes Poker he called the floorman and stopped the game because he was falsely accused of going south (removing chips from the table). It had nothing to do with “don’t mess with me” stunts.

  21. cmonalready66 says:

    totally agree more

  22. thegodfather2010 says:

    lol….gus hansen on the right of freedy just thinks….”omg…what a kindergarden”…lol…

  23. molimhvalaizvoli says:

    boy i wish he would have hit tony g

  24. NZKickboxing says: