Freddy Deeb – Winner: $50k HORSE Event

Freddy Deeb Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Responses to “Freddy Deeb – Winner: $50k HORSE Event”

  1. issareign says:

    @rckhalillb palestinian lebanese.

  2. Lettenbichler says:


  3. megadeth168 says:

    He should play the penguin in the next batman movie.

  4. rckhalillb says:

    Where is Freddy from?
    Is he Lebanese??

  5. 2redaces says:

    I love Freddy Deeb, his story is so crazy.

  6. barbarian2000 says:

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  7. hahnb99 says:

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  8. alex8912 says:

    lesbanese rambo. legend.

  9. kingqueenoff21 says:

    i like Deeb he’s a great player, not on tv enough.

  10. slanguage1 says:

    I hope freedie could finally by a neck now!!!!!!!

  11. bishopsmv says:

    Orale Freddy!

  12. xtrme23 says:

    that’s not Freddie deeb thats Danny Divito

  13. mthomas339 says:

    Way to go Freddy, beat those nerds, those loser nerds!

  14. pokersfinest says:

    i dunno about living legend but freddy is definitely one of the better players out there

  15. skoldpadda9 says:

    Way to go, Freddy! It must be the shirt.

  16. pokernuts says:

    Thank God a name player won.

  17. cynicalseymour says:

    freddy deeb. one of the living legends of poker.