Igor Kurganov : A Talented and Passionate Poker Player

Igor Kurganov is a male poker player.

This player is very much talented and a very passionate player. This player plays the game with full of his concentration and has a compassion towards the game. This is a very young player and he is very much concerned to the game he is playing. Igor kurganov has won many achievements at a young age. He has won many titles and he is also a very popular player. He stays very calm while playing the game and he is also a very silent person. He just focuses on the game and plays it with full of his skills, concentration and passion. He also wants to not only achieve new goals but also wants to learn new techniques and new methods from the opponent player and next time, he plays their trick to them which is very tricky and people usually get confused while they are playing with him. Nobody understands the tricks what he is going to play next.

Igor kurganov has won a total grand total of $849447 which is a good amount to win at such a young age. He has not only won the cash amount but he has also won many of the career titles and many achievements in his poker tournaments held till the date.

He is always coming with new techniques and new tricks in the game. He is going very well according to his age. And people predict that he could be one of the finest poker players in the poker history according to his performance till now.

Igor has won 40 career cashes in all the poker tournaments he has played. He has a good number of career cashes and this has proved him very beneficial he has gained very much popularity also because of his looks. He has 6 career wins in the game. And also has 26 career cashes in the life of the poker played.

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