Jerry Yang, a player as well social worker

Jerry Yang a player from California. He started playing professional game of poker from year 2006. His contribution to the game of poker is amazing. Jerry Yang is the player who has two championships. In the year 200 5 and 2007, he has played a game that made him renowned in the game of poker. Before starting his international game, he has many titles before starting his career in the international. Jerry Yang has played many championship cashes in California. He has won seven titles out of eight games in his game at California game level. When he had asked about his game tricks.

He said that he sensed the opponent; and accordingly takes next steps. He is a physiotherapist as well as a social worker. His contribution is worth appreciated by all the people of his country, and they even feel proud of their player luck also plays very vital you are playing the poker game. He has two titles of international WHOP on his name. He has played many games which are online poker, or online card games. Jerry Yang has blamed because of their fellow legacy. He has blamed after winning the poker game. It also caused stir and problems in the poker game.

He’s also famous for his special work and charity for poker player who like to play the poker game. Most of good will, work that was done by Jerry Yang is when he won ten cashes of poker game. He was the first player who gave money to charity for the social and financial welfare of his country. These make the difference between other poker players and Jerry Yang. Many fans of his loved his experience and his views. He is the player who played for his men and country in a poker game.

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