Ming Li: A talented women poker player

She was born on the 24th of March in the year 1967. Her present age at this time is of 47 years being a 47 year old lady she is now also that physically as well as mentally fit. Her residence is at the Temple city at the California.

She unfortunately has none of the bracelets in the entire lifetime of the poker tournament she has played. She has 13 money finishes in her lifetime. On the 9th 2002 she was the highest ITM player in that tournament held at that time the main event finished here .She is an American professional at the Vietnam city at the United States of America

She has the total casino winnings of $30,550. She has also achieved 2 Career titles in her achievements. She also has won 10 Career cashes in her life of the poker playing .She has the total winnings of$22,489 in the world series of the poker tournament. But unfortunately she could not achieve any bracelets and also had 0 final tables .But she achieved 4 cashes in the same tournament. In the world poker tournament she had 0 winnings, 0 cashes, 0 championships as well as 0 final tables.

In the European poker tournament she showed the same performance as in the world tournament series she could not achieve any winnings, 0 cashes, 0 championship and also 0 final tables, she could not even achieve any rankings in that game her recent cashes were held on the June 04 2014 it was a no limit hold’em max 2014 series of the poker in this event she had total winnings of $10,712. here next recent event was held on the June second 2014 it was the no limit hold’em millionaire maker it was the 2014 world series of  poker she won the  total amount of $3,015. Her next event was held on the 17th of June 13.

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