Phil Ivey and iTEAM Network introduces new DFS offering

iTEAM Network, based in Las Vegas, and poker pro Phil Ivey have declared that they are collaborating in launching a brand new daily fantasy sports product called – PhilIveyDFS that would make its debut next month.  The site would start as a DFS-based skin on iTEAM Network that uses a network of such skins in a way similar to, as well as likely derived from, the business model behind a lot of the world’s biggest online-poker networks.


Ivey stated that over the last few years, he has been looking for several ways to share with fans his view on Daily Fantasy Sports. He was honored to have several options but iTEAM Network’s concentration on compliance as well as the core technology, with the leadership of Gabe Hunterton, finally made it a quite an easy decision.
iTEAM Network’s CEO Hunterton told that they are always looking for great brands as well as partners in the world of fantasy games. There is not elite-level individual that fans want to follow and know from more than Phil Ivey.

He added that Phil’s team employed in extensive due diligence, which they welcomed in light of their commitment to conservativist regulatory practices as well as great user experiences.  There is a huge crossover between DFS players and poker players.  Phil Ivey brand would considerably increase network-wide player liquidity as well as prize pools. Already, they have introduced an aggressive marketing as well as execution plan in which PhilIveyDFS users would be able to immediately compete for over US$ 20000 in weekly pro basketball contests as well as interact directly with Phil.

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