PokerStars Sunday Grand NLHE Event

The PokerStars Sunday Grand NLHE event that was on last weekend saw Ben Tollerene aka Ben86 win for a large sum of $62,457.85.

Ben is not only a pro player in the circles, but he also is one of the unquiet ones. The Sunday tournament of $1,050 saw him leave with a sum several times that figure. Tollerene has also been in the news due to the altercation he had with Doug Polk, who is considered as a guru when it comes to playing with high stakes. However, finally his game showed through and Tollerene was able to navigate through the game and emerge successful. There were several other formidable players in the field as well, such as Bonomo aka “ZeeJustin”, Chun Lei aka “SamRostan” Zhou as well as David Miscikowski aka “DonkCommitted”.

Tollerene was able to make away with the prize money in the first place after he defeated all the star players of the tournament. Omaha edition of this tournament saw Tollerene finish in the seventh position. The party poker event that was held on Sunday was won by the player with the code name Imageking. He won the Super High Roller stakes for a good amount of $50,250. There was another high roller event which had a guarantee of $200,000. Here Nicholas Brody as the winner.

The Main event was won by player with code name Colette1986. This player finished in the fourth position. There was a 6-Max Turbo event planned in which Patrick was the ambassador and he won the event as well. There were other events in the event as well with large sums that was won by other players. This Sunday event has definitely seen a lot of participations and wins by several payers which culminated in a lot of smiles this Sunday.

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