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National Heads-Up Poker Championship 2008 Episode 4 5/9

Friday, March 20th, 2015

Freddy Deeb Movie Rating: five / 5

Ming Li: A talented women poker player

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

She was born on the 24th of March in the year 1967. Her present age at this time is of 47 years being a 47 year old lady she is now also that physically as well as mentally fit. Her residence is at the Temple city at the California.

She unfortunately has none of the bracelets in the entire lifetime of the poker tournament she has played. She has 13 money finishes in her lifetime. On the 9th 2002 she was the highest ITM player in that tournament held at that time the main event finished here .She is an American professional at the Vietnam city at the United States of America

She has the total casino winnings of $30,550. She has also achieved 2 Career titles in her achievements. She also has won 10 Career cashes in her life of the poker playing .She has the total winnings of$22,489 in the world series of the poker tournament. But unfortunately she could not achieve any bracelets and also had 0 final tables .But she achieved 4 cashes in the same tournament. In the world poker tournament she had 0 winnings, 0 cashes, 0 championships as well as 0 final tables. (more…)

National Heads Up Poker Championship 2006 Episode 02 pt5

Friday, February 20th, 2015

Freddy Deeb Video Ranking: / 5

Freddy Deeb-Poker to have won 2 WSOP

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

A game is what every individual prefers to play so. It can be the choice of any game, yet the game which you make out must actually help you feel the relaxation and also peace too.

When you plan off to play a game so, you need to really make a perfect companion for you to feel those which you expect from a game professionally. Moreover, a professional game is what a Poker game is. Poker professionals can keep going along with the skills whichever they have horned.

Freddy Deeb is a poker who has the bracelets 2 in numbers and also WPT titles same in numbers too. The poker has the tragedy met in his life, which forced him to take this career, yet he turned successful, on the other side of the coin.  Born by 1955, Poker was born in Lebanon, whereby he moved from that place to America, when he was 19. While he was doing his graduation, he missed the contact from his parents, which made him suffer, as they were the only source to pay him for his studies, which is due to the civil kind of war that took place in his native place.

As the Fast Freddy:

Since he was there under the student’s visa, he was not given the employment opportunity too, which made him suffer a lot, whereby he then took number of chances to get an employment to meet his needs, yet he failed. Then he took this as his career, and it was by the year 1996, poker has won his 1st bracelet in his lifetime. Also the poker has won WPT held in 4th season too. He is knowable for wearing coloured shirts generally. He turned winning the bracelets in these 2 years 1996 and in 2007. Poker has the nickname as Fast Freddy.

National Heads Up Poker Championship 2006 Episode 06 pt1

Friday, December 26th, 2014

Freddy Deeb Video clip Rating: 1 / five

Yuval Bronshtein has Great Scores at International Poker Games

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

The mention of poker superstars internationally, invokes the vibrant performance by the hordes of players from the American continent. One such player who has substantially fostered this trendsetting pace is Yuval Bronshtein, born in Israel but based in the US hitherto.

He has played at the tightest events where his performance is formidable. Named Steamroller after quashing renowned pros Shannon Elizabeth, Joe Hachem and T.J Cloutier at the WSOP in 2007, his outpacing bent is an illustration of exceptional aptitude at the poker table. He is expected to manage significant achievements if he participates in top-notch events at the global plane.

At the WSOP, he emerged third in the 2007 main event raking in $109,018. But he did not stop there; he proceeded to the WSOPE later that year playing £2,500 HORSE where he placed sixth. He became the youngest player hitherto to final table at the World Series of Poker Europe where he appeared again in the London tournament to place tenth position. However, his indelible performance in the poker industry is eminent at the online landscape. He won the Full Tilt Online Poker Series, garnering two championships contemporaneously in a HORSE and Turbo NLHE.  Tersely, Bronshtein has notched four FTOPs championships in distinct forms of poker.

Notably, Bronshtein has cashed in many times in poker tournaments globally and is ranked among the top 140 players. In 2010, he had accumulated $500,000 in live events with 11 cashes at WSOP taking almost half of the earnings. On the other hand, he has amassed $600,000 through his tournaments winnings online.  In the view of his aforementioned accomplishments, one cannot deny he is inclined to sail through and become a poker star.  He has ascended to higher levels has a strong image in the poker industry and has inherent acumen to outpace renowned players in the casino sphere.