The Craziest Hand Of Poker By Kevin Hart You Will See All Year

This could be one of the poker’s craziest hands you have ever seen, and it is all the Kevin Hart “fault”. The PokerStars Ambassador and the comedian was the part of a cash game television telecasted at the Poker PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo event last year. In the event he battled with Faraz Jaka, Daniel Negreanu, Charlie Carrel, Liv Boeree and qualifier Mila Monroe. And you would be surprised to know that it was the qualifier who made for one of the most innocent hands televised ever.

Just have a look at yourself, and you will be the judge of what is going on here!

We had a word with Kevin Hart at the 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure about that very hand which went viral yesterday. With the show not out in full just still, this segment is all we get to go on. But that made plenty of headlines already and thousands of interactions have been initiated on Twitter about the same. Even the USA Today devoted a complete article on it.

Hart said, holding a smile on his face, “You guys got to see what a legend I am. No, I am joking. But, the fact is it was probably one of the funniest hands that I have ever had in any game.”

Hart then initiated a serious talk about how his strategy had made him the king-three, but soon enough he broke the character and admitted of making a blunder: “I committed a mistake. And then she made a mistake. It was the time, when she made a move, and I did something in return. I really thought I had the straight. I didn’t, and when I saw my hand, I said to myself “Oh wow. I got the king!”

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